When I was 13 years old, my mother was placed in a nursing home.  She suffered with Muscular Dystrophy from my childhood and as time went on, it became worse.  I do not have a great memory of childhood.  The memories in my mind are similar to when you are watching a movie and show quick screenshots of the past.  But I remember this particular day fairly well.

My parents told me months prior that my mom would be leaving one day.  But I never thought the day would come.  When I woke up that morning, my uncle was already over the house.  When I walked out of my room I could hear them talking downstairs and getting things organized.  I ran back into my room and hid for as long as I could.

Not having my mother in my day to day life hurt me deeply. She lived in a nursing home and not in my house.  This make me feel lost.  In fact, that sense of “lost” stuck with me for many years.  For me, this had an impact on my relationships with people.  I was afraid to let them in since I feared that they might leave.  It took many years to get past that and open up.

“Lost” for you could take on a different meaning.  I speak to new and currents clients about “being lost” all the time.  A newer client is lost and looking to get some structure.  A client that I have been working with me for a little bit gets off track.  It is ok to lose your way now and then.  You just have to be strong enough to admit when you are lost.  It is my job to get them back on track.

I was lost for many years.  I am able to use some of the misfortune in my life to relate to a client I am working with.  That is why I share these stories.  I understand that things are not always going be easy.  They weren’t for me.  I hope you read this message and take the positives away with it.  You too can get yourself on the right track.

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