I come in contact with many extremely successful people during my day.  Please don’t read this as financial success only.  Although that is true, I am also talking about people that are great parents, spouses, give back to their community, and so on.  I am regularly impressed on a daily basis.

The people that I talk to about our various programs are successful too.  If we were to talk about professional aspirations, they would know what their 5 year goal is.  They have a well thought out financial savings strategy.  They know their plans for retirement, where they are going to live, and how many grandchildren they want (ok, not everyone knows this one).  My point is, they have a plan for many aspects of their life.

However, if I ask about their health and wellness goals, I get a blank stare.  If I ask them to set a goal for specific time line they look uncomfortable in the chair.  If I ask them why their goal is important, you would think I said it in a different language.

My point is, they are confidence and focused in all the other aspects of their life, but their health and wellness is an afterthought.  This is a disconnect!  The truth is, you cannot be sound in the rest of your life unless you are sound in mind and body.  That is why your health and wellness needs to take center stage.

The people I talk to are not alone.  This is far too common.  If we are going to live long lives to enjoy our retirement, get a boat, play more golf, go on more vacations, hang-out with our grandkids…we need to take care of ourselves NOW.

This is the icing on the cake!  True success in life comes from the inside – out.  We first become the best version of ourselves and then our energy gets transferred to the other areas of our life.  You are not doing yourself or those people that you love any justice if you are neglecting this concept.

I look at my wife and kids and think to myself, “How can I be better for them?”  It starts with having a positive belief system for myself and applying it to them.  My kids look up to me and my son definitely mimics things I do.  I am trying to teach them how to deal with life and be the best they can.  I need to show that I am doing that in my life too.

You are no different.  You are successful in many aspects of your life.  Is your health and wellness the piece you are missing?  If you apply more “me time” to your life, will that be your “icing on the cake.”

In 30 years, I plan to be healthy and active with my grandchildren (yes my kids are 9).  That is the icing on the cake for me.  That is telling me I did what I was supposed to most of the time to be healthy in mind and body.

Think about it for you.  Find your “icing on the cake.”

Commit to your excellence.


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