Zig Ziglar has some interesting insight on an alarm clock.  He says that the word “alarm” makes him think about notification of danger (ie. Fire alarm).  He preaches that it has a negative application.  In his words, that is a terrible way to wake up.  He refers to noise that wakes you up as an “Opportunity Clock”.  I like that!

What is the first thought that goes through your mind when you wake up?  On those days when I don’t sleep well (which are many).  You know those days when you are lying in bed all night and can’t sleep.  Well on those days, when my opportunity clock goes off my first word is usually of the 4-letter kind J

There is a great line in Ocean’s 11 when George Clooney’s character asks Brad Pitt if he is suicidal (based on a crazy idea he had).  Brad Pitt responds, “Only in the morning.”  I wrote a few weeks ago about how we had over 60,000 words that travel through our mind throughout the day and, depending on the research, 80% – 90% of it is negative.  I used to find that was the strongest first thing in the morning for me.

I would stress about work, the house, the kids, how tired I was, etc.  This list could go on.  And I’m sure you have a list of your own.  I didn’t like starting my day that way.  So I decided to do something different.  So I created a personal mission statement that I read when I first wake up.

What is a personal mission statement you ask?  Well, it’s very much like the mission statement a company would have on their website.  But this one is specific to me, my family, my goals.  It gives me motivation and inspiration first thing in the morning.  I keep it in the “notes” section on my phone.  So after my opportunity clock gets me up, I rub the fog out of my eyes, and read my personal mission statement.  This has absolutely changed the way I treat the mornings.  I feel focused, alert, and determined only minutes after I have been awake.  Then I go through the rest of my morning routine which is intended to keep me in a positive mindset.

How do you create a personal mission statement?  It’s easy, think about things in your life that are important to you.  Mine obviously includes my family first, then my health, and my mindset.  It is a commitment you are making to yourself.

Mine starts with, I am committed to creating a life which supports…”  My personal values and professional aspirations are a part of this.  But it is an overview of that the life I intend to lead.

If you find that you are currently “stuck” and struggling with focus, creating your own personal mission statement can really help to getting you back on track.

Give it a try.

Commit to your excellence.


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