While eating dinner last night, my wife was telling me a story that I have no recollection of.  Worst part, she was telling me something that I said to her just a few months back.  I don’t remember.


This is a common theme for me and has been for a long time.  My buddies tease me when we are talking about fun times in the past.  The common phrase is, “Joe you remember when…”  Then they pause and joke about me not remembering.


My lack of remembering comes from childhood.  I realized that as time moved on.  Some of the things I experienced with my family was hard for a child to endure.  In the clinical world, I think this falls in line with repression.


When my kids ask me about my childhood, I honestly cannot remember very much.  I get these brief flashes of memories, but not many at all.  But, I’m actually ok with it.


You see as time has gone on, I have learned to take the important lessons from my past and dismiss the rest.  I am concerned later in life this “forgetfulness” will have a negative impact on me so I do work to keep my mind sharp.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy writing.


People tend to let their past hold them back.  I see it far too often.  It might be previous failures or doubts about themselves.  It might just be a lack of self-confidence.  These limiting beliefs are holding them back.  Do you struggle with this at times?


There is nothing we can do about our pasts.  We have no control of it.  However, we have a tremendous amount of control for our present and future.  This is where the thoughts and efforts should be placed.


Your past does have plenty of lessons to holds value for your future.  Just focus on those experiences that bring that the best out of you.


Don’t worry about those memories that bring you down.  They did not help you back then, and they will not help you going forward.


Who is the person you want to be today?

Who do you want to be that person for?

Are you ready to make the changes you want?


Let’s get started today!


Commit to your excellence.