I start my day simply!  I do it a little different each day, but recently it looks like this:

  1. I identify things and people that I am grateful for. This makes me smile!
  1. I review my goals. This makes me focused!
  1. I recite my Statement of Purpose. This makes me determined!

Do you tend to lose your focus?  I get caught in my own way often enough too.  I am up and down from one day to the next.  This is the life of an aspiring entrepreneur!  These simple morning routines keep me on track , focused and optimistic about the future.  This falls into my philosophy of simplicity.

Simplicity started a few years ago by ridding myself of complicated and “drama seeking” people in my life.  But this philosophy of simplicity has positively impacted my entire way of life.  I use it from the moment I wake up (as shown above), with my family, and I teach it to my clients.  My good friend Goose reminds me when we are off our simplicity track by simply saying “Simplicity Joe”.  Then we both laugh.

Too many of us are impacted by the surrounding noise.  Noise leads to complication.  Noise causes us to lose our way.  Lose our focus.  This leads us to fall back on what we know, go back inside ourselves, and into our comfortable cocoon.  In many instances this adds to more complication.

Sometimes our comfort zone requires way more work than we even realize.  Inside our comfort zone is where our sabotaging ways reside.  Inside our comfort zone is where our fears overtake us and keep us still.  If we are not moving forward, we are dying.  The truth is, we work so hard to stay in our comfort zone it’s exhausting.  Ultimately, we are all looking for the same thing…to be happy.  I want to be happy for myself so it comes out in my relationship with my family and loved ones.  You are no different.

What changes do you need to make in your life to be happy?  Personally, I let stress affect me way too much.  That is something I am working hard to control.  It is the reason why I promote a positive morning routine and strategic goal setting.  It REALLY helps me!

What can you commit to in order to get closer to your happiness?  Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone and make some changes?

On the other side of your change is where simplicity lives.  It takes far less effort to live in that world.  But you have to be willing to put some work in to get there.  Create a clear vision of your happiness.  What changes are you willing to make today?  Adopt my philosophy of simplicity.

Commit to your excellence.