If you look around, we are surrounded by negativity.  Put the news on for 5 minutes and you will be inundated with drama, crime, and negative pollical views.  Negativity fills our heads too.  It is the prevalent voice in our heads that needs to be fought against to overcome.

I am a believer of controlling those things in my life that I can.  I can’t control the news.  I can’t control what other people are thinking or doing.  But I am damn sure I can control MY thoughts and MY actions.

With that in mind, here are 5 negative qualities that we can control or should banish from our Standard Operating Procedure ASAP.



Let me be clear about one thing, during my school days, I was a big procrastinator.  I would put things off for as long as I could.  I was much happier hanging with my friends or playing video games then to actually get things done.

As I get older, I took more responsibility and am now a planner and an action taker.

But I still see procrastination is present in many of the people I encounter.  People make excuses about being busy and not having enough time.  Some believe that there is this mysterious realm where everything is going to be ok.  What is this realm they speak of?  It’s called “tomorrow.”

When they get to this magical place, they realize it is no different than this world.  Excuses are present there as they are here.



Once you determine that tomorrow is no different than today, it is time to take action.  When change is on the horizon, fears and doubts are present.  There is a delicate balance of these thoughts and emotions.

The easiest strategy to overcome the negative is continuing to move forward.  Believe in your ability and take one step at a time.  Will it be easy?  No!  Change is never easy.

Simply believing in the process and moving forward will get you there.



Don’t dwell on others.  You have something you want to accomplish?  Whether your goal is health, wealth, or happiness, don’t focus on a person that has already achieved this level of success.

You can view them as motivation…something you want to attain.  But don’t view it as that person is better than you or you resent their success.

This will drain valuable energy from you and have you focusing on the wrong thing.  Admire what it took for that person is achieve their success and consider modeling their path.




Be grateful for what you have and who you are.  We tend to focus on things that hold us down or which we want.  The past and future could take a strangle hold on us if we let it.

My advice, don’t let it!  Be present in the moment first.  Look around you and take stock of what you have.  The great things we have in our daily life are typically overlooked in our quest for change.

Don’t miss out on your strengths.  This could be within you or those that surround you.

Don’t lose sight of that!



In many situations, continuing to move will help you to win.  The problem most people encounter is when adversity hits.  It is crippling.

If you can accept there will be ups and downs, your consistency is not stopping.  Commit to the strategy of small steps will lead to big results.

One of my favorite quotes is “it does not have to be perfect, only consistent.”  If you can do that, you win.

If you can banish these 5 negative qualities from your world, you will be a happier person.


Commit to your excellence.