I am always seeking more simplicity in my life.  If you were to ask my wife, sometimes my quest adds more complexity.  It is a free-flowing philosophy that includes periodic adjustment.

That concept is important.  Who we are and what we want will change.  I think being “locked in” will only lead to problems over time.  But I think it’s important to have core values and a template to build from.  Some foundational concepts that will guide you along the way.

I’m not perfect, but I have figured some stuff out along my way in this crazy life.  And I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people using these foundational concepts over the years.

If you are curious of what these pillars are, keep reading!


This starts with you…love yourself!  Love your imperfections.  Love your desire to be more.  What worked for me was seeing myself the way the most important people in my life saw me.  My wife looks as me as a confident and driven person.  It did not start that way for me.  I grew into it because of her.

My children see me as a Super Hero.  Their Super Hero Dad!  My niece and nephew call me “Super Unc”!  I’m bald, now sporting a beard, I have tattoos, and am muscular.  I could be in a comic book!  I want them to hold onto that for as long as possible.

Once you can love yourself, it’s time to give that passion back to those that helped you unleash it.  Commit yourself and your quest in life to those people.  This will offer you all the motivation you will need to be successful.

“Love” is an important step one.  I would like you to dwell on that for today.

Tomorrow, I will come back with a couple more Pillars.

Until then…

Commit to your excellence.