I hope you enjoyed the first 3 emails about the pillars I shared.  If you missed them, you can catch up by clicked HERE for Pillar 1 and HERE for Pillars 2 and 3.

Today, I will review Pillars 4 – 6.

So let’s get started.


Make Mistakes and Adjust

Life is not perfect.  We are not perfect.  Build that into your plan.  We have make mistakes in the past, we will make mistakes in the future.  Some things will not go our way.

This is a pattern that many overlook.  And because they do not account for it, when mistakes come or adversity is present, it sends them reeling.

This is the cornerstone of using the plan as a template.  My own short term goals have changed a few times within the last few months.  It is not so much changed; the end goal is the same.  But how I am getting there is being revised.  To my end goal of creating more simplicity, this brings me one step closer.

So, the steps don’t look the same.  But, the end result is!  There have been mistakes, detours, and more.  This is normal.  For me and for you.

Don’t let these moments send you off-course.  Take some time to evaluate and make the necessary adjustments.  If the end goal is clear, adjusting the steps along the way will be fine.


Move Your Body

The healthy body leads to a healthy mind.  And a healthy mind helps you towards a healthy body.  They work hand-in-hand.

I had a friend tell me a few years ago, she wanted to start exercising.  Now, I do strongly believe there is a right way to do this.  Over the years, I have had plenty of family and friends ask for my free help as it relates to exercise.  And just about every time, I put a lot of time and effort into helping.  Only for them to never use the information I offered.

Fast forward, here was what I told my friend when she asked about exercise…

“Do something!”

Yes, just get started.  Get yourself into a routine of doing some form of exercise a few times a week (2 – 5 days).  Most people struggle with getting started and staying consistent.

So,start small.  This falls under my philosophy of “it doesn’t have to be perfect, only consistent.”

But, I wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of exercise.  Make the time to do it often.  Years from now, you will be thankful you did.


Eat Right (Most of the Time)

This is a fairly easy concept to employ.  People tend to pile on the excuses as it relates to being healthy.  I try to keep things simple, remember?  Nutrition is no different.

Eat the right food, most of the time.  For the rest of the time, enjoy your life.

Don’t over complicate it!

My wife teases me that vegetables keep me happy.  She gives me vegetables a few times a day!  Boy am I happy.

Just try and eat right most days of the week.  On weekends, we are known to pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy a bowl of popcorn.  I’m not talking about that 94% fat free junk.  I’m talking about the movie theater style with tons of butter.  This falls into the “enjoy your life” portion of the story.

The eating right and exercising help to maintain a healthy body so you can enjoy the results of your efforts when you are into your retirement years.

I want to cruise into that time of my life in a Mustang and premium gas.  Not putter into it with a broken-down Honda with 2 flat tires.  How about you?

Ok, you have 6 of the 7 Pillars to work on.  My advice, print these 3 emails out and map out your strategy.

Tomorrow, I will close the circle and give you Pillar 7.

For now…

Commit to your excellence.