Strength Starts Within You Official Book Launch
I have spent most of my life struggling with the person I was. Growing up presented many challenges that impacted me through my youth and into adulthood.

Along the way, I hid from myself and others. I thought I was defined by my past. This journey included sadness, depression, and fears. Fear of who I was and what was expected of me as I got older. This had an impact on me as a husband and a father. 

One day, I made a decision…I did not like the person I was. That day marked my transformation. From that moment on, I became the person behind these words. Today, I am a confident, driven, and focused individual. I found my motivation in life and let it drive me. 
In doing so, I created a blueprint of success. In Strength Starts Within You I walk you through this journey. I have compiled a collection of short essays that will essentially give you everything I learned during this process and offer you everything you need to make these positive changes in your life. There are moments of triumph and times of despair. I show you everything! 

Because I am committed to getting this in as many hands as possible, I have 2 special announcements related to the sales of Strength Starts Within You:  

First, 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Charity. My mother struggled with Muscular Dystrophy most of her life. This is my way of giving back to a charity that did many great things for her. Therefore 20% of all Strength Starts Within You book sales will go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  

Second, in the book I discuss elements of my transformation and the step-by-step guide I created in doing so. As a special bonus for purchasing Strength Starts Within You, I will offer you access to the Free 5-Day Masterclass where I walk you through 5 steps in this guide. 
Bonus 5-Day Masterclass
These are 5 of the steps in the Confidence Blueprint, the step-by-step guide I used to change my life and it is the exact blueprint I use with my clients. Over the course of the next 5 days, you will receive one video per day. 

In it, I will show you the exact steps I used to go from afraid and alone to confident and driven.

Within each video, I offer strategies for you to implement immediately and offer some homework to help you get started. After the 5 days, you will have a structured plan of action. 
Follow these three simple steps to claim Free Access to the 5-Day Masterclass when you order your copy of Strength Starts Within You HERE:
STEP 1: Purchase the Hardcopy or the Kindle Version of the book from Amazon:
STEP 2: Complete the following form with your Name, Email, and Order Confirmation Number:
STEP 3: Check your inbox. You’ll receive an email to access the 5-Day Masterclass.
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